• Pe Foam Sheet Extrusion Machine Seller
  • 01 Jan 1970 Pingshan
  • Category : Packaging Machines & Goods
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EPE Foam Sheet Production Line is a single stage extruding and foaming equipment with large L/D. It takes polyethylene resin with low density as raw material. This production line is the most ideal physical PE forming unit in the world. It has continuous stable performance with high yield, wide range of foaming ratio, high automation and reliability. Polyethylene raw material and talc powder come into the extruder hopper through the automatic feeding machine, nucleating agent and other auxiliary materials come into the extruder feeding section through automatic powder feeder - Feeding - Plasticization- Compression - Through high pressure metering pump injection of anti shrinking agent injection butane mixed - Cooling - Mixing -Extruding through machine head - Cold Setting- flattening - Pulling-Rewinding-Packing-Storage.

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