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Name of Your Stores : Pitti Engineering Ltd
Main Products : Electrical Steel Laminations, Motor Cores Assemblies & Sub asemblies
Category of Company : Mechanical Power Transmission,Machinery, Tools & Supplies
Contact Person : Paneesh Sridharamurthy
Contact Number :
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Office Size :
Year of Establishment : 1983
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Contact Person

Name : Paneesh Sridharamurthy
Contact Number :
User Type : Buyer
Country : India
Company Address : Somajiguda , Hyderabad , 500084
manufacturer of Electrical Steel Laminations, Motor Cores, Sub-Assemblies, Die-Cast Rotors and Press Tools.
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The company has continuously investing in equipping latest measuring/testing equipments to ensure highest level of Quality and services at every stage. The products are routed through stringent Quality norms to meet customer expectations.

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Quality Control Policy

We, in PITTI are committed to Quality excellence and shall strive to provide Quality products, on time delivery and price consistently that meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.

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