About us

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Zuppliers is one of the trusted partners who act as a bridge between the buyers and sellers. We are also the trading manufacturers and always support the industrial supplier who needs to reach, retain to them. Notwithstanding our persistently developing roster of successful customer associations within the industrial supplier and we additionally produce strategic alliances with associations. Our partners are S. Ushapaneesh who was graduated in B.com and maintaining more than 10 years of experiences. The other one is P. Sridharamurthy who has done his B.Tech and having more than 18 years of experience in supply chain management, purchase, procurement, projects, and Qa.

We execute customized manufacturing, outsourcing, and marketing and end to end solutions which enable the business to expand in India and around the world. We help the marketers in supporting overall brand identity and deals through focused worldwide distributions.

What We Do

Objectives and Services


We work as a bridge between the customers and suppliers with an opportunity to increase savings & value through optimization and re-engineering Supply base.


 Our Methodologies  Low-cost manufacturing  Supplier Identification  Supplier Development  Strategic Sourcing   Realization of Customer cost savings


             We provide medium and small scale manufacturers, distributors of a machine, fabricated components to benefit from low prices and valuable supply sources with very minimal resources.

Zuppliers.com is a great platform for the customers who floats RFQ and for the Suppliers who QUOTE for the same and Zuppliers.com Suppliers can manage the stock and supply as per schedules and requirements to the customers. Zuppliers.com will also guide our customers to get the best suppliers which follow all the requirements of the Customers (QCD). Contract Manufacture Undertaking is using its Production Facilities.